Artists support local businesses by volunteering their time  and talent via live painting sessions on the avenue! 
Fine Art pieces to be auctioned for funds to rebuild shops affected by looters.

AUG 1+2, 2020

Following the murder of George Floyd and the countless others before him, outraged Angelenos took to the streets and expressed their discontent through several massive peaceful protests. Attendance was high and our unified voices echoed across the metropolis chanting "I Can't Breathe" and "Black Lives Matter". Unfortunately during this time of great and necessary civil unrest, our city also suffered much damage in the violent riots conducted by outside actors.

The destruction was devastating and widespread - and one of the hardest hit areas was Melrose Avenue. Well known for some of the most excessive and eccentric shops in Hollywood, Melrose is also home to a vast number of eclectic, independent retailers - many of whom have been on the avenue for decades. But because indie businesses lack the corporate funding or federal assistance to rebuild, these iconic shops are now in danger of disappearing for good. This is where you come in.

Headline Records - the raddest of Melrose punk institutions - is spearheading a community-led fundraising effort with nearby merchant Rebel Rebel Hollywood. With the assistance of the anonymous musicians and artists of Some Cult, they seek to help rebuild four neighboring shops destroyed by fire.

On August 1+2, numerous sponsoring shop owners on Melrose will open their businesses and sidewalks to socially distant patrons. Working in concert with amazing fine artists of various styles, these sponsoring shops will host live outdoor painting sessions and the artists' completed works will be auctioned for the benefit of badly damaged stores. Through the creation of the Save Melrose Charity Trust, 100% of event proceeds will directly benefit Pearl's Nail Salon, Tony K., Dr. Martens and Reloaded

Please join us in the fight to Save Melrose!

We need you more than you know.

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